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Exam Tips!

Exam season is almost here (again) so here’s ten top tips which might help as you prepare for those all important GCSEs.

Make a Plan.

A revision plan (assuming you stick to it) will help make sure that you don’t neglect either key areas or even huge chunks of your course.

Be Realistic.
You’re not going to get all your revision done & dusted in 5 minutes, nor is slogging away at it 24hrs a day going to help. Make sure that your plan is realistic and achievable.

It’s never too early to start!
Don’t let the misconception of ‘forgetting everything again’ deter you from starting early. You will put yourself under less pressure and have time to go over things a second or third time.

Your own space.
Find a good place to revise, wherever or whatever works for you; and give yourself even more space to get on with what you need to do by switching off the phone etc!

Mix it up.
Don’t just rely on copying out information, try some other ways to memorise stuff, such as post it notes, charts on your bedroom wall, diagrams.

Past exams.
Looking at past exams can help focus your revision and give you an idea of what topics are favourites and which haven’t shown up for a while.

Take a break.
Don’t overload yourself and attempt epic sessions, you will be much better served with regular breaks to help break up your sessions and make them more effective.

Take on fuel.
Food and water power human beings, make sure you eat & drink to stave off fatigue and resulting lapses in concentration.

Test yourself.
Check what you’ve inputted into your brain. What you think has ‘gone in’ and what has actually ‘gone in’ could be two different things.

Get to bed and to sleep!
The night before, don’t stay up late and try to cram, give your brain a rest and try to get a good night’s sleep.

So there you have it, all that remains is for us to wish you GOOD LUCK and for you to make sure that you give them your best shot!

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