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  • summer, school, surbiton, maths, english, back, to, school, september
    04/06/2018 - Learn It Tuition 0 Comments

    Help your child make a great start to the new academic year with our 'Back to School' Maths & English sessions. (11+ preparation available upon request)

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  • ten, top, tips, students, exams, exam, revise, revision, examinations
    04/06/2018 - Learn It Tuition 0 Comments
    Exam Tips!

    Exam season is almost here (again) so here’s ten top tips which might help as you prepare for those all important GCSEs.

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  • maths, tuition, future, job, career, succeed, success, child, secure
    04/06/2018 - Learn It Tuition 0 Comments
    Help secure your child's future.

    At the last budget The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that there would be extra funding for Maths in education. He also went on to say that Maths skills are key to “cutting edge” jobs of the future.

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